Bucharest Open International Recreational Figure Skating Competition

Following the previous years’ success, the Bucharest Open International Recreational Competition return this year at Allianz-Tiriac Arena Ice Rink on 18th of May.

The competition is open to all ages, children and adults, from beginners to elite skaters.

Bucharest Open is the only international recreational figure skating competition in Romania that became a tradition in just five editions having increased the number of participants five times.

Our goal was to create a skating community from the very beginning; the idea of freedom at the base of the competition and the fact that there are no age restrictions make the Bucharest Open, a place of artistic interaction. Skaters can sign up for technical program, show skating program or ensemble.

We held the record in Romania for the youngest participant who was less than 3 years old when competed as well aș for the oldest participant of 51 years old (2019 edition)

Over 200 skaters aged between 4 and 72, from 18 countries and 5 continents competed virtually in 2021. They represented Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Indonesia and Japan.

Last year’s edition brought together skaters from 5 countries who competed at Bucharest Open.

You can see the rules and regulations and register for Bucharest Open on the button above.


LOCATION: Allianz-Țiriac Arena Skating Rink (Otopeni, Romania)